B6 Security specializes in professional security solutions for your unique security needs. 

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Industrial Site Security

Providing site security for government facilities, private airports, factories, shipping facilities, warehouses and other commercial and industrial sites.

Uniformed Security Officers

Providing professional uniformed security officers and uniformed guards for  a variety of security needs.

Armed Security Guards

Providing expert armed security guards for high threat security situations.

Executive Protection

Specializing in close personal protection and custom security procedures for executives, diplomats, celebrities and other principals.

Disaster Security

Providing post-disaster security services to assist essential businesses such as medical clinics, pharmacies, retail locations and others.

Celebrity Bodyguards

Discrete and professional bodyguards and protection agents for celebrities and high profile individuals.

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Event Security

Security for private and public events including charity events, music festivals, and other high traffic events.

Quality Security Contracting

Providing uniformed security force to FEMA and other government agencies as needed.

Construction Security

Providing dynamic security teams at construction sites, protecting million dollars worth of construction equipment overnights and weekends.